Blue Collar Training.

As an ANT KALIP, we always try to help our people to become a better person in work and in his personal life. In this training, instructor trained our people for problems that can happen in work and in life. Our training’s main topics are; “Understand each other in factory environment”, “Team Work” , “Identifying [...]

Blue Collar Training.2017-03-28T21:29:53+03:00

Our Governor visited our factory.

Governor of Istanbul Hüseyin Avni Mutlu visited our factory on 03.02.2011, reviewed our facilities and presented his thanks for our contribution to the Turkish economy. We would like to thank the Governor for his support and encouraging us to increase our exportation.

Our Governor visited our factory.2017-03-28T21:30:27+03:00

Plastic Injection Technology Training

In 15 January, as an ANT KALIP, we provide training for Plastic Injection Technology to our employees. This work is intended to training our employees with more analytical approach to the problems that can be happen in plastic injection machines. Main points of our training are “Plastic processing Technique”, “The Problems and Solutions in Injection [...]

Plastic Injection Technology Training2017-03-28T21:31:09+03:00
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